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Build Stronger Relationships Through Trust With Impeccable Words (2 min read)

How often do you consider carefully the words you say? Whether in business or social context, being impeccable with your word means that you hold yourself to the highest standard when you speak. Words make worlds and if the words you speak are precise, kind and truthful, the world around you should reflect the same.

Words you choose are important, but how and when you choose to speak them matters the most.

When your words are honest and useful, others will appreciate the way you are and you strengthen your relationships wherever you go.

Here are a few ways to power up your words positively:

Honest word makes life simpler. This is true on multiple levels. If lying is not an option, you will avoid putting yourself in situations where you feel the need to lie. You avoid the guilt of lying and the fear of being discovered which will cost you your relationships. Not to mention lying can be viewed as a greater offense than the lie itself. Everything becomes more complicated and exhausting.

Lies are hard to conceal. Few people are able to lie well. Not only is it necessary to be convincing, you also have to remember the lie and avoid giving yourself away at a later time. Lies create the need for additional lies. .

Openness and Honesty are not interchangeable. Offering unsolicited opinions is not necessary. There is no reason to offer your opinion if it wasn't requested by the other person. You might believe that your colleague is five minutes away from bombing her presentation, but telling her that is not helpful. Openly telling your friend that she’s fat is an honest act, but hardly helpful. What is helpful is ask them a question so they are inspired to think for themselves how they can do better.

Ask yourself if your words are helpful and how so. If there is not much you can say to make things better then exercise the right to remain silent generously. You will be thanked for being considerate.

Keep your commitments. Few things create greater distrust than failing to keep your promises. If you promise to accomplish something, get it done. Be on time with everything you do. This may be difficult and expensive in terms of time and resources but taking the short cut will cost you dearly in the long run.

Connected conversation leads to trust which leads to enhanced relationships. Humans connect through trust and honest conversations is one major building block of trust. Nothing damages relationships faster than dishonesty and superficial conversations. It tells others you simple do not care about them at all. Give your relationships a chance to thrive by being your authentic self when you next trying to connect with someone.

Avoid Hearsay, Gossips and Sarcasm. There are other ways to entertain your co-workers and friends. When you gossip or are sarcastic about someone, you become part of the problem. Hearsay is rarely accurate and these are always at the expense of others. You may think your sarcastic comment was very funny while others could disagree.

Gain respect when your word is trusted. When people believe they can trust you, they respect you, too. Respect is lost and difficult to regain when others have lost trust in you. As a rule trust and respect are easier to lose than they are to gain. Be cautious what you do with them.

Under-promise and over-deliver. Slow down before making promises and promise less than you know you can comfortably deliver. Most of us do this backwards. We promise quickly the best that we can possibly do and regularly come up at least a little short. It's time to reverse this.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

So, how do you want to make those around you feel?

Useful questions to consider in the next 30 days:

Do your words inspire others or tear them down? Do they help or harm?

How reliable is your word?

Can people believe what you say?

Do you ever lie to yourself?

Do you believe yourself when you say you’re going to stay healthy?

Make the quality of your speech a priority and see how you start to transform the quality of your relationship as a result.

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