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Welcome to Centric Quest!  Ready to Raise Your Own Bar?

Whether you have to engage with business leaders, employees, parents or friends, they are ALL universally human. When exceptional business and personal results hinge heavily on the strengths of interpersonal relationships, it is no longer an option to ignore even the tiniest communicative and relational challenges.

Lao Tzu once said “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Are YOU and your COMPANY actively seeking ways to keep up with this important trend?!

Our Programs and Services

Finally a place where you will discover how scientifically proven frameworks such as Conversational Intelligence® and Dermatoglyphics Assessment can be employed and integrate seamlessly to help you learn and master the best sides of you in any situation. Through our services, these leading edge tools are your most convenient and reliable aid for maximizing your potential, while asserting positive influence on others with the end goal of achieving your desired outcome.


Executive & Life Coaching Programs

A Quest Deep Within:

One-on-One / Couple Coaching

Discover the types of programs tailored to your needs.


Dermatoglyphics Analysis & Consultation

Story of Your DNA & More:

Personalized Detail Report

What can the scientific studies of fingerprints tell about you and those around you?

Group Students Smilling

E-courses & Online Group Coaching / Workshop

Inspire & Learn from Each Other:

Effective, Fun Workshops and more!

Design in Progress. Be the first to find out updates and details of pre-release specials!

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CQ's Professional Coach - Nikitta Chau

CQ's Professional Coach - Nikitta Chau

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