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“This was my first exposure to Coaching with Dermatoglyphics Analysis. The entire experience from Dermatoglyphics introduction to fingerprinting on paper, then the analysis and the reporting to the final coaching session was very satisfying. Dermatoglyphics Coaching Consultant Nikitta was patient and friendly, she answered my questions one by one and explained to me in clear details. Her attitude was greatly professional. My analysis report result is very accurate, easy to understand and interpret. I discovered parts of me where I intuitively knew was true but was too afraid to admit. These made me rethink my career and life directions where I finally made decisions that will impact me positively in the long run. I feel that this particular type of coaching is extremely helpful to anyone who plans to gain better understand of oneself in order to gain any kind of clarity. The process will also help you socialize and build effective working relationships with others. Highly recommended!” [Translated from Chinese]

Sue Chow (Hong Kong / Beijing) 

Senior Designer, Infinity Design & Engineering

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“Wow, just wow. I learnt so much about my strengths from the report findings. I was so surprised Nikitta was able to describe my characteristics so well, just by getting the information from looking at my fingers! The results help explain why I have chosen to work in the industry I do, how I communicate and connect with others and how I learn. Knowing this information has made it easier for me to work out a path forward in my career and to better understand me. For example, I wasn't totally aware that I learn best by listening (which is so true!) so I will find YouTube clips on topics to listen to while doing mundane jobs around the home. I would recommend Nikitta's services to anyone looking for clarity about who they are and how they connect to others. Beats having to complete a complicated questionnaire and I believe her report results are more accurate.”

Sarah Zee (Australia)

Intuitive Art Facilitator


“It's so interesting that palm and fingerprints have hidden so much information. The report hit the key points and confirm a lot of my characters which have been tested through other tests. One who wants to know himself better definitely should try!


Sofia Zheng 郑晓雪 (Beijing/Germany)

NEV Business Unit Director, Erlkönig Management Consulting Beijing Co. Ltd. (Erlkönig GmbH) 


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“Nikitta is a very committed professional and her passion for the subject made me overcome my initial skepticism about the topic. Her analysis was meticulous and well explained. It brought hidden details about my personality at birth time and how it could connect with my current self, resulting in thought-provoking ideas. Thanks for the very valuable insight!”

Oskar Glutton (Spain)

Serial Entrepreneur


“As a client I know that anything I say will be greeted with gentle honesty, sincerity and above all respect.  As a fellow coach I have witnessed a natural and skilful talent in Nikitta’s coaching style.  Whether it is one to one, or a group, she creates a safe environment to explore and grow for everyone.”

Kimberley B. (Canada)

Girl with Drawing


Josie H. (Hong Kong / U.S.A.)

Risk Consultant, a millennial in One of Big Four Accounting Firms


“What a fascinating insight and detailed analysis! 

I loved how the information from Nikitta was scientific and so different to a standard palm or psychic reading. The positives a person has (for me it was my creativeness, going against the norm and my science and logical thinking) is always good to know but what was equally fascinating was the ridges on my print indicate allergy reactions and my bent fingers show other potential hidden medical conditions of which I've only recently discovered myself. 

Loved also her suggestions as well (with being more involved with arts and crafts) and things to be aware of (engage right brain activities to balance my life more).

I was really impressed - thanks Nikitta!”

Beth Darlington (Australia)

Director, Access Paranormal

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