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My sincere thank you goes to everyone who left their kind words here, so glad to see working together we would achieve so much...

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“Nikitta is an unique fascinating person who has found her niche in coaching and dermatoglyphics. Through several of our coaching sessions Nikitta has assisted me with re-focusing on my goals that are both short term and long term goals. She is a kind patient careful listener who has the skills to help you march to victory no matter the challenges that face you. If you have a coaching need, I would highly recommend her.”

Mallory Woods (U.S.A.)

Senior Web Developer, Dogwood Management Partners


“Nikitta Chau coached me for the first time in August 2016. She helped me re-frame my challenges, which made me aware of previously unknown possibilities and potential. Her bi-cultural experiences and ease with nonconformist perspectives worked very well with me. Her questions, which were posed skillfully and without judgment, illuminated other perspectives in my story. Her global mindset and openness to that which makes each one of us unique informs her listening. In several sessions she asked a specific question which caused a break in my "knowing". Instead of following up quickly with another question, she held the space for me to ponder. This important silence allowed the breakthrough process to unfold in my brain. In addition to her coaching skills, Nikitta has rare gifts in establishing trust and connection through conversation. She is skilled in communicating at the relational level, the 3rd level of conversation, which unfortunately too few of us have ever experienced. At this stage you move from talking ABOUT stuff and begin to focus on what’s happening between the two of you, right now, in the moment. This is critical because our humanity and, even more importantly, our being can be discovered only in relation to others and Nature. I would highly recommend Nikitta as a coach, especially if your Truth has led you down a path where few have trodden.”

Dan Feldman (U.S.A.)

Online Technical & Business English Teacher. Agile Blogger & Speaker. Agile and Podcaster.


“Nikitta is very professional and diligent. She will help you identify the elements that need to be addressed and get worked at. I highly recommend her in your ventures.”

Rajiv Mareachealee (Mauritius)

Head of High Yield Capital Markets, Crédit Agricole (Asia) CIB

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“Nikitta’s coaching was very helpful, she was able to help me re-frame questions that I had and guided me to find my own answers and the path ahead. She is a great listener and was able to pinpoint what was missing in my thought process. I have learnt a lot about myself along the way and I would definitely recommend her as a coach!”

Anthony Prost (France / Hong Kong)

Project Manager & Site Engineer, SIXENSE Group

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“I have known Nikitta since elementary (Primary) school. She was always curious in analysing personalities based on traits and actions as a child. She'd show us personality quizzes and then see if we could understand a deeper level of who we are. Fast forward 25+ years today, she and I have shared many coaching conversations and insights about life, including analysing difficult work, life, family and relationship situations which she has used her broad life skills from Asia and Europe to help me see possibilities, or help me come to the best next course of action objectively, since she did not know the people in my life (she and I stayed best friends while being 1000+ miles away since 12 years old). As adults, I noticed her coaching skills have been honed in with official education now to help a broader audience and provide even better insights. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a breakthrough in ANY life perspectives.”

Jana Wu (U.S.A.)

TGCM Site Manager (Dbump), Air Liquide Electronics

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